Where Are They Now?: Graham Neilson


Madeline Nielson

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Diana Neilson, Reporter

What year did you graduate from MODG? I graduated in 2015.


Did you have a favorite class or a favorite teacher? My favorite teacher was Phil Solorzano. He was my favorite teacher because he was intelligent, and he was fair towards his students. I remember at the end of the year when we did webcams he looked nothing like we all thought he did. That was pretty funny.


How long before graduating and going off to college, did you know you wanted to be a pilot? I had known for about a year or so before I went to college that I wanted to study aeronautics.


How did your time at MODG prepare for college? MODG taught me how to be a critical thinker, and that definitely helped a lot in college.


What university did you attend, and what did you major in? I attended Liberty University in Lynchburg VA, and I studied Aeronautics.


What was your favorite part about college? My favorite part about college was the more challenging classes. The people you take classes with are very motivated and genuinely want to be there. Being surrounded by peers that were as dedicated and as intelligent as I, really helped motivate you through the class.


Liberty University is not a Catholic College, how was it being a Catholic at a Christian College? In many ways, my faith is stronger. I like to joke “I’d like to think I’m a little deeper than 2 inches.” It is a challenging environment to be in at times. I have learned that people are naturally stubborn, and you can tell them to do things all you want, but that’s just not the way things work.


Did your college classes prepare you for life now that you have graduated? Not necessarily. College doesn’t have classes that are directly relevant to life, so they don’t really prepare you. Excluding classes that are directly linked to your career field.


Now that you have graduated what are your plans? I have graduated with a degree in aeronautics, and I am pursuing a job in the aviation field. Until I find a job, I am working on a grass seed farm. I currently have interviews in Alaska with an airlines company.


What is your favorite part about flying?  Flying is always fresh! You could fly the same route every single day, but it always presents you with something different. Flying never becomes stale.