Epic Summer Memories

VOX staffers share their summer memories and want to know yours, too!


Fall is back again and on the coattails of the shifting seasons is another school year. There’s no reason to forget the good times of summer!

As a way to say “hello and welcome back,” VOX staffers are sharing their summer stories. Just click on this picture of Grace Feltes’ family vacation for a slideshow to see the fun.

slide one b

There’s no reason to stay out in the cold. Share your own summer story with us.

We’ll post it for all the rest of your classmates to see. Also, we’d love to see your photos from your summer tales, even if it’s a simple as a great book you read or as exciting as a visit to Italy!

Just fill out the form below. If you have a photo or photos to share, click the upload button.
Welcome back and have a great school year.