MODG Ski Jumper: Lucille Ampe

How long have you been ski jumping?
I began ski jumping in the spring of 2020.

What got you interested in this sport?
I always saw the local ski jump and thought it would be cool, but never thought fifteen-year-old me could do it. That changed when lots of spring/summer sports were cancelled, except ski jumping. I got the opportunity to try it out, and I ended up loving it.

What is your favorite thing about ski jumping?
My favorite thing about ski jumping is the thrill of getting outside my comfort zone and gliding through the air like I’m flying.

What life lessons has ski jumping taught you?
Ski jumping has taught me that you will never be perfect, no matter how good you are at something.

How often do you go ski jumping?
We have ski jump practice three days a week and then during competition season we will have meets on the weekends.

Where do you go to ski jump?
I ski jump at the local jump Suicide Hill. However, during the winter, I will be traveling for competitions.

How much training did it take to learn to ski jump?
For some people it takes weeks of training before they can go off the jump whereas for me, I went off it my first day. Though the training never ends because there is always room for improvement.

How often do you receive injuries from ski jumping?
I personally have never been injured while ski jumping, although it is fairly common.

How high was your highest ski jump?
Ski jumping is based off distance. That being said the furthest I’ve jumped is about 20 meters. The highest jump I’ve gone off is a 40-meter jump.

What advantages or disadvantages come with being home schooled and ski jumping?
The only disadvantage that came for me would be the fact that most people already knew each other from school. But everyone is exceedingly kind and welcoming, so it was easy to make friends.

What advice or resources would you give to someone who is just starting to get interested in ski jumping?
I would just say to have faith in yourself and the coaches. The coaches won’t tell you to do something you aren’t capable of or that you aren’t physically ready for. When it comes to jumping, just give it your all, and fly.