Spike On (Spikeball Expose)


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Spike On!

Have you ever heard of Spikeball? Have you ever seen anyone play? More importantly, have you yourself ever been privileged to have the opportunity to participate in a game of this sport? If not, this article is most definitely for you!

Before I get any farther, let me inform you that I am really, and I mean REALLY, into Spikeball. In fact, I am so much into it that my friends make fun of me, in good humor of course, as Sunday Mass is just about the only time I DON’T have my Spikeball net with me. Why do I like it so much? Why is it so incredibly popular around where I live? Finally, why has it become an internationally loved sport with millions of devoted players?

First, it’s easy!

Second, it’s portable!

Third, it’s fun!

Spikeball is a game that anyone, of any athletic ability, strength, age, or size can play! The rules are easy to learn and the game (as a beginner anyway) is easy to play! Additionally, fitting into a small backpack, Spikeball is extremely portable and can be taken with you wherever you go; the beach, the park, backyard barbecues, church youth groups, and everywhere in between! Finally, this sport is really fun to play! As you begin playing more and more, and your skill level increases, you will realize that Spikeball is a game which, in addition to increasing your coordination, is also very athletic. It will have you moving around, diving to make plays, and impressing your friends with awesome trick shots that you make.

(Wait, you are thinking, but he said it was easy and that doesn’t sound easy! Spikeball IS really easy to learn and get into. However if you have been playing for a while and start playing at a higher level against noteworthy competition, you will find that this game can be much more challenging and athletic than it was as a beginner!)

I encourage you, if you have not played Spikeball before, to play! Do you have a net that’s been sitting in your garage for three years that your little sibling thought was a trampoline? Maybe you have a friend who plays frequently but you just haven’t been interested. Maybe you have heard about Spikeball before, but this is the prompting you need to buy yourself a net and start playing! Get involved!

So, let’s say this is not your first time playing Spikeball, but that you’ve played before and want to get even more involved and better at the game. What can you do?

I would recommend a few things.

First, play as often as you can! Spikeball is a sport in which the only way to get better is by playing and practicing. Invite your friends over or go to the park with them to play; play with your older or younger siblings; practice working on certain areas you know you might be worse at in the game.

Second, consider starting a club with some friends. Clubs are really great because they allow you to have a set day once a week, or every two weeks, or however often you have them that you know will be devoted just to Spikeball. They also allow you to get more competition and play against people of all different skill levels and styles.

Third, enter a tournament. With Spikeball having become so popular not only nationally, but even worldwide, tournaments are popping up all over the place! These offer a really great opportunity to you if you are interested in getting better in the game. Tournaments will really allow you to play against people who are much better than you, show you a much higher level of play, and introduce you to the many official rules often disregarded in informal backyard play.

Note: To sign up for and find Spikeball tournaments near you make an account and register for tournaments at https://fwango.io/dashboard

The official rules to this game are at https://tournaments.spikeball.com/pages/2021-official-rules Don’t be intimidated by their length – there are also a host of helpful youtube videos that will also do just fine.

I hope that you will get more involved with Spikeball! I really love the game and think that you will too!