Cool 2B Catholic – EWTN Commercial Contest


Mya Riley, VOX Reporter

Calling all filmmakers! EWTN is holding a commercial contest called “Cool 2B Catholic”. The contest is open to high schoolers ages 14 to 19, college students and film students. The challenge is to create a 30 or 60 second commercial and catchphrase that “reflect EWTN’s Mission Statement: To advocate the orthodox teachings of the Catholic Church as proclaimed by the Pope and his predecessors.” That’s a mouthful…fortunately EWTN provides some handy suggestions about content in the rules and requirements if you’re stuck.
Submissions are accepted through June 30, 2017. This is what EWTN had to say about the prize: “During the month of July, ONE person from each of the winning entry groups (Highschool, College, Film School) will be selected for a round-trip ticket to an EWTN TV Show. Food and lodging will be provided for their stay while they wait to debut their commercial to the hearts of over 265 million viewers around the world as special guests on an EWTN Show!”
So if you enjoy filming and want a chance for your commercial to be debuted worldwide, grab your camera and get going! You can find the full rules and requirements here.
And visit EWTN’s website for more information.
Good luck!