Tornado and Coronavirus in Tennessee

Early in the morning on March 3, 2020, a devastating tornado ripped through the Nashville, Tennessee, area, destroying hundreds of homes, businesses, and roads.

The tornado killed 24 people and left nearly four thousand without power. Cell service was down as far away as Chattanooga, nearly 150 miles away.

Because of the Coronavirus spreading, it was a terribly tragic time for a tornado to strike.

As of 2 PM local time on Sunday, March 22, 2020, there were 505 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the state of Tennessee, and two deaths.

The governor, Bill Lee, has also issued a statement telling residents to only leave the house if necessary.

That is especially hard for those who have lost their homes. Many disaster relief organizations have stopped sending help in fear of the Coronavirus.

This is an incredibly difficult time for those who have lost everything.

It will take months for the lives of the people affected by the tornadoes to be rebuilt. We must pray for the people of Nashville as they rebuild their lives!