A Week in the Life of a VOX Reporter Part 1

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A Week in the Life of a VOX Reporter Part 1

Lucas Hamilton, VOX Reporter

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Meet part of our wonderful staff that helps produce content and stories for VOX! Part 1 is featuring editors Julia Fassero, Mya Riley, and Christopher Young!

Julia Fassero –  Co-Editor in Chief 

As the Editor in Chief, News Production can be pretty busy! I, along with my co-Editor in Chief, Cole, am responsible for publishing any and all stories and articles.

 I publish on Wednesdays (though occasionally I publish on an off-day) and my responsibilities are to do a final overview (spelling, grammar, etc.), choose where on the site this story will belong, upload or select the proper cover photo (which is, in general, chosen by the reporter), and finally, hit the “publish” button.

I design graphics (using PicMonkey, our go-to photo editing resource) and also write for VOX. As the EIC, the Opinion section is Cole’s and my responsibility.

While we might have a separate News Editor, or a Features Editor, the title of Opinion Editor belongs to the Editor in Chief. Being the Editor in Chief also requires that you are willing to work with ideas that your staff submits to you, and I can say wholeheartedly that I love this part of being an EIC!

The creativity of the VOX staff is incredible, and I am so blessed to work with my fellow classmates in this capacity.  Being an EIC is a busy job, but I really love writing, grammar, working with people, and producing news, and it is a perfect fit for me!


Mya Riley –   Writer’s Quill Editor 

News Production is my favorite subject, so I’ll usually scatter parts of it throughout my day so I have something to look forward to.

My main job on Wednesdays is to make sure that the Writer’s Quill winning story and new prompt are ready for publishing. If there are any, I email them to my wonderful panel of judges. Then they vote and I put the winning story on SNO (Student Newspapers Online, our host site) for Julia to publish.

This week I’m working on a story for the arts page that I’m really excited about. It’s about the many MODG students who are also writers. As a writer myself, I enjoy thinking up questions and learning about their process, favorite genre, etc.

For stories, I pull the interview questions together into a semblance of a story, turn it over to the fabulous editors, fix the stories, and ultimately have them be published.


Christopher Young –  News Editor

I work on my stories in my spare time, typically after I finish all of my schoolwork.

Since I do mostly opinion pieces, I’ll take what I know, look for good resources from reliable sites, and formulate my outline into something that sounds appealing and gets the message across.

I’ve been working on a story on Hillary Clinton’s lack of transparency and how this affects her.   I tried to find sites that speak explicitly on this and added my own input to some of the common arguments.

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