Twins of MODG: Their Stories

Julia Fassero, VOX Reporter

The story of twin NASA astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly inspired VOX to put out a call to MODG twins to send in their stories and pictures. Here are three sets of twins from MODG. Read about their twinning moment stories.

Rachel and Mary Lang  (L – R:  Rachel, Mary)

Mary and Rachel Lang twins reversed

Grade:  11

Age:  17 (Rachel is older by 10 minutes!)

Fraternal or Identical:  Mary: “We are fraternal twins…hardly anyone actually thinks we’re twins at all because I’m about 5’3” and Rachel is 5’10.”

Twinning moment story: Mary: “A twinning moment that we have a lot is that we think the same things, and we sometimes finish each other’s sentences.”




Thomas and Anthony May (L – R:  Thomas, Anthony)

thomasanthony twins of modg 2 borderGrade: 11

Age: 16 (Thomas is older by 3 minutes!)

Fraternal or Identical:  Identical

Thomas: “I don’t know if we have ever had a great twinning experience. There was one time when we were really young and were playing. We paused and I randomly started thinking a certain phrase. A couple seconds later I heard Anthony repeat the exact same phrase I had been thinking. The other great twin moments are the times someone comes up to us and has guessed our names right, and we’ve told them they’ve got us wrong. When they exclaim in dismay, we tell them they actually got it right, and they feel foolish because we tricked them again.”

Twinning moment story: Thomas: “Maybe one of the greatest moments, however, is when someone asks us if we are twins, and we say ‘yes’ at the same time.”



Joshua and Caleb D’Amico (L-R: Caleb, Joshua)


fra,medcollage of d'amico twins

Grade:  2

Age:  7 (Joshua is older by 4 minutes!)

Twinning moment story: Mrs. D’Amico: “I have twin sons, Joshua and Caleb D’Amico. They are 7 years old and in the 2nd grade. Joshua is 4 minutes older. They overcame many obstacles and are a miracle for our family. They underwent ‘twin to twin transfusion’ surgery when Mom was just 21 weeks pregnant because they weren’t sharing the food supply. They were born premature at 33 1/2 weeks and had to stay in the hospital for 4 weeks until they were able to come home. The toughest part for them was being separated during that time. The day we brought them home, and they were able to lay next to each other, they immediately reached out toward each other as seen in the picture.”