Mrs. Humphrey: MODG Teacher

Read to learn more about one of our own MODG teachers!

Mary Humphrey is a teacher for Mother of Divine Grace. She is a TS (teacher support) teacher, and gives her students one-on-one assistance with their schoolwork. She started teaching in 2005, when her children were in high school, and teaches history, literature, religion, and science. She says that her favorite is probably earth science. She has helped students who struggled with writing by working with them on essays on google docs.

She likes helping students with their essays, and says that one of the biggest mistakes her students make when writing essays is not to make outlines, as outlines help a lot with essay writing. Another important skill is time management. Only 50% of her students are as punctual with deadlines as she would like them to be, but those who do meet deadlines generally finish the year by the end of May. She recommends the MODG Homeroom Support program for students who struggle with time management.

Mrs. Humphrey also has several tips for parents. She recommends that parents read material at least a day before teaching it to their kids, and that if they have any questions, they don’t hesitate to ask their consultants. Furthermore, if the children are in TS or LS classes, it is often helpful if the parents communicate with the teachers about the students’ assignments. Communication is essential between the parent, teacher and student. She says that the most important thing for parents to remember, however, is to pray for the student.

Mrs. Humphrey loves being a MODG teacher. She says that the students are usually very committed and respectful of the teachers, that the other teachers are very supportive, and that overall, the MODG community is a lot like a family. She stopped teaching for MODG for a few years, and she said that when she began teaching again, “It felt like I was coming home.”