Tell Us What You Think

News Production Staff

With all the news about canceled Masses, state lock downs and closed stores and schools,  News Production students are trying to think about anything that might count as a positive in their lives that has come about because of this virus.

Take a look at what they think, then tell us what you think in the poll below.

“Never in my life would I think that I would be attending (well, watching) Mass in my pajamas…” – William Temple (March 29)

“That $8.99 a month for Netflix is so worth it.” -Kaki Williams (March 29)

“Our generation is so blessed to have the ability to watch the Mass when we cannot attend personally.” – Dan Gorrell (March 29)

“This difficult time is history in the making. All should do their best to record the good and happy events of this time, or else only the bad and melancholy happenings will be recorded.” – Dan Gorrell (March 28)

“We are so lucky to have programs like Skype or Zoom that enable us to socialize with our friends and family during this difficult time of separation.” – Dan Gorrell (March 27)

“Without daily track practice, my family is able to take walks together more often.” -Dan Gorrell (March 25)

“It is a very hopeful sign to see the highway by my house coming back to life.” – ShaLynne (March 26)

“Though I missed going to Mass yesterday, I am very happy that we live in an age where we can at least watch the Mass.” – ShaLynne Ouellette (March 22)

 “I’ve never been more productive.” -Kaki Williams (March 23)

“In the face of canceled mass and closed churches, my family and I have added more prayers to our daily routine. I’ve learned to appreciate our prayers as a family more than ever, even though I can’t wait for churches to open again!” – Gwynith Hayden

“Just listening to the birds singing and watching the plants grow has a whole new meaning in quarantine. Life will go on, life does go on, and life is good now.” – ShaLynne Ouellette

“Before the possibility of being quarantined came around, I wasn’t getting outside as often as I should have been, but now that I know it could very well occur, I’ve been gaining a little more fresh air and exercise from being outside.”- Lauren Bosack

“It’s nice to have so much time to spend with family. My brothers and I like to make movies together, and we’re already thinking up an idea for a new movie to film now that we’re all home together.” – Katherine Milliken

“Quarantine gives you a lot more free time.” – Daniel Gorrell

What do you think?