10 Things to Do Outside in Spring


Photo by Garrett Touhill.

Emma Roberts, Co-Editor

It’s spring! Usually that means final exams, last-minute papers, and a rush to get all of those assignments in before the MODG deadline. But we all need time to clear our head, and there is no better place to do that than in the great outdoors. Here are ten things to do outside!

Take a hike. Many towns around the country have trail systems owned by the city or county. These are great to hike, run, or bike on! They are usually well maintained, and are a very inexpensive way to get outside and exercise. Try to find some near you!

Visit a botanical garden. Even though I’m no expert, I would make what’s probably a pretty good guess and say that spring is the best time to visit a botanical garden. Usually larger cities have very nice ones, but there may be a smaller one around your home!

Workout outside. This one is probably the easiest. All you have to do is move your exercise mat outside! While going to the gym is great, on the days that you workout at home, it’s really refreshing to do it outside.

Go to a baseball game. Baseball season just started! It’s by far, without a doubt, no questions asked, the best time of the year. Major league tickets may be a bit expensive though, especially if you have a bigger family. However, minor league and college baseball games are just as fun, and a lot cheaper.

Build a birdhouse. Building things is always fun! Birdhouses are really simple though, and it’s awesome to watch the birds that come once you’re all finished. There are simple templates online, or you could just go rogue.

Teach an old dog new tricks. Teaching a dog tricks is a lot of fun–though not always easy, per say–and really rewarding. There are a lot of books you could get on dog tricks, or if you want to keep it free, YouTube has millions of videos on different tricks to teach your dog.

Play a game of soccer. Gather a few friends, and go to the park for a game of soccer. It’s so simple, but so enjoyable, and you don’t need many people to play. 2-on-2, 3-on-3, or even 1-on-1 is really fun!

Have a picnic. This one could probably be done when you take my sage advice and go on a hike–or you could do it in your backyard. Either way, this is another great one to do with friends. I would highly recommend Cheez-Its as a quality picnic snack.

Fly a kite. Flying a kite is great on a clear day, and is a lot of fun to do with little siblings. If you don’t have your own kite yet, Wal-Mart and Dick’s Sporting Goods both sell really nice ones.

Build a campfire. Did someone say smores?