Blizzards and Ice in Washington State

Abigail Herrington, Reporter


In my town of Enumclaw, Washington, citizens were scrambling to stock up on necessities as a series of low-level blizzards dumped over a foot and a half of snow on the Plateau.

The snow, which started on Sunday, February 3rd, turned to light blizzards over the weekend of February 8th. At one point, the snow measured over 15 inches in undisturbed, shady places.

According to the National Weather Service’s Twitter page, these heavy snows are making history in the Seattle area. By the 11th, February 2019 already held the Seattle record for snowiest month in the last 50 years, as well as made the top 10 snowiest months since 1891.

As of the 11th, the NWS had recorded 20.2 inches of snow, which is already impressive enough for Washington, since the winters here are known for being rainy and fairly warm.

However, the winter weather isn’t over yet. Despite the temperature being in the 60s on the 21st, it’s back down to 30 today and the snow is starting up again.

Maybe we’ll have the resources to finish our igloo!