What the Left is Not Saying about Covington


Gwynith Hayden

Edited with Canva.

Emma Roberts, Co-Editor

It is well known by any conservative Christian that the mainstream media always favors the Left. Typically, they twist the truth so as to flatter the leftist agenda. However, there are times that they blatantly lie and instead of just twisting the truth, they abandon it altogether.

That is precisely what happened with the Covington Catholic High School controversy. The media took a mere snippet of a video–which highlighted not even a fraction of the truth–and made an attempt to completely and utterly ruin the lives and reputations of innocent, Catholic highschoolers. And why did they do that? Because what truly happened at the 2019 March for Life absolutely destroys the Left’s agenda.

The Democratic Party claims that it is the party of love. It is the party of acceptance. Hate speech is not to be used–that is supposedly just for right-wing Christians. But this claim is far from reality. Without even bothering to further research this story, the media began using it as an excuse that was ungrounded in truth in order to attack innocent Catholics and Trump supporters.

Not only did the young men not say anything hateful or racist to Nathan Phillips, it was Nathan Phillips himself–along with liberal blacks calling themselves Hebrews–who instigated the conflict. It was the black men calling out unrepeatably racist insults to these teenagers. It was Nathan Phillips who obnoxiously and insistently beat his drum in the highschoolers’ faces. And it was Nick Sandmann who stood there with a smile, magnanimously facing Mr. Phillips, despite the fact that the insults and drumming did not end for at least ten minutes.

When the full video was released, showing the extent of the media’s lies, as well as the Mr. Phillips’ and the black Hebrews’ blatant hate for these young men, the media had no choice but to retract the story. However, they are still painting Mr. Phillips as a hero. In an interview on January 23rd, he said that he has “forgiveness in his heart.” He goes on to act the victim. All this does is give concrete proof that Nathan Phillips is a liar and a poser. The full-length video makes it very clear that Mr. Phillips originally confronted the boys.

As if this is not enough, Nick Sandmann and his family–his innocent, Catholic family– have been getting death threats because of Mr. Phillips’ untruthful accounts. It is not Nathan Phillips who needs to do the forgiving here. Mr. Phillips never should have lied about the situation in the first place, much less continuously victimize himself. But because the Left simply cannot handle defeat, he must keep playing the victim.

Luckily, many good people have come out supporting the Covington Catholic boys. While it will take a very long time for their lives to go back to normal, eventually this story will run its course and be forgotten by the Left.

But this is not the end. The Left will stop at nothing to ruin conservatives, Christians, and anyone, absolutely anyone, who so much as hints that they support Trump. However, in a video made for PragerU on the Covington controversy, Will Witt said, “This is why Trump won–because you people on the Left are so horrible and disgusting to the people who just want to see our country succeed, and see our President succeed.”

What the Left doesn’t realize yet is that the more they lie, the more they unreservedly abandon the truth, the more support the Right has. While you couldn’t find this reported, America is getting sick of this never-ending cycle of lies from the Left. Like Will Witt said, it is why Trump won. And it is why I firmly believe that Trump will be even more successful in 2020, because the Left cannot keep up a façade of love for much longer.