News Update with Marco Canales


FA Júarez

Emma Roberts, Co-Editor

Traveling across the border to Mexico each week, MODG student Marco Canales never knows what to expect. It could be a quick trip across the bridge, or not.

Recently, when he was in Mexico for a soccer game, he stayed at his grandmother’s house for a few days because the trip across the border would have taken very long due to border control.

MODG News Co-Editor Emma Roberts took the opportunity to ask Marco a few questions about crossing the border.

1. How long does it take to cross the border from Mexico to the US?
The minimum of time it has taken me to get across from Mexico to the US is five minutes and a maximum of five hours.

Last week, it took three-and-half hours.

2. Did you know if you would be able to get back across eventually?
As a US citizen, agents cannot deny me access to my country.

If I forget my passport, they will look at an ID or paper with my name on it.

On the bridge there are two lines, there are passport cards that have censors just for the US, Mexico and Canada. The other half of the bridge is for normal passports, birth certificates or visas.

If I did 3 1/2 hours with the passport card, I cannot imagine how long it would take in the other line because of the number of cars and sometimes the agents check the car, under your car, your trunk. You cannot cross with animals, fruits or anything having to do with pork.

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