Sports Spotlight: Aaron Posey

Mary Sabados, Reporter

VOX Reporter Mary Sabados recently interviewed MODG’s own Aaron Posey, a high school student who plays baseball!


Q. How long have you been playing baseball?

A. I have been playing baseball since I was 7 years old.

Q.  What is your favorite part about playing?

My favorite part about playing baseball is the fact that you always have a second chance. No matter what happens the first time, you will always get another opportunity.

Q. How much time a week do you devote to practice, games, and training?

A. On average, I spend 8-10 hours on practice during the week, and then on tournament weekends, I spend 6-8 hours playing.

Q. What life lessons has playing baseball taught you?

A. The biggest thing baseball has taught me is to be tenacious. Being able to come back from any adversity/loss is a very helpful thing to have in life.

Q. Are you hoping to continue baseball in college?

A. I am hoping to continue playing baseball in college with academics as a priority.

Q. What has been the hardest part of playing baseball?

A. The hardest thing for me about playing baseball is motivation and focus. The most trouble I have had is from not being motivated to practice.

Q. Who’s your favorite MLB player and why?

A. My favorite MLB player is Mike Trout. On the field, he is the most consistent player, and more importantly he is a great character. He donates to good charities and is always helping people.

Q. What position do you play? What are your likes and dislikes about that position?

A. I play the position of catcher. My favorite thing about catching is that you are involved in every play and you are in control of a lot of the game. The biggest thing I dislike about catching is that amount that you get beat up.

Q. What advantages or disadvantages come with being homeschooled and playing your sport?

A. Being homeschooled has been very beneficial for baseball for me. The flexible scheduling and free time is so incredible to have free time to practice and have fun with the game. Also, for school baseball, most kids are tired and stressed after a day of school, and I show up rested and ready for the game.

Q. What advice would give a younger student regarding balancing your sport and high school?

A. The biggest advice I would give someone who is trying to balance sports and high school would be to manage your time well. Always have your priorities straight. For me, it is finishing my work, then my jobs around the house and then practice or games. Always stick to your schedule and your priorities.