#VOX5Year Going Back in Time: Top Five ‘Pictures of the Week’

#VOX5Year Going Back in Time: Top Five Pictures of the Week

Emilia DeGroat, VOX Reporter

Mother of Divine Grace’s VOX News is celebrating its 5th anniversary!  Mrs. McCarthy’s ‘Picture of the Week’ page started in 2015, and since then, it has received stunning contributions from many of her Journalism and News Production students.  Below are the top 5 photographs, ranging from way back in 2015 to now!


– Lucas Hamilton, Oct. 26th, 2015


– Callan Lyall, Nov. 1st, 2015


– Mary Theresa Pitre, Apr. 4th, 2016


– Anna Hermes, VOX Quill Editor, Mar. 27th, 2017


– Gwynith Hayden, VOX Photo Editor, Feb. 12th, 2018


For further descriptions of each photo, and to view other spectacular contributions to ‘Picture of the Week’, click here!

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