Interview with Regina Doman

Regina Doman, author of the Catholic fiction series the Fairy Tale Novels and editor for Chesterton Press, talks about her writing.

Mary E. Hammer, VOX Reporter

How did Regina Doman’s love of writing first start?


When Regina Doman wrote her first book, did she plan it all out beforehand or did she do more freehand writing?


Do great story ideas just pop into Regina Doman’s head or do they not come until she starts the planning and writing process?


What does Regina Doman think are the biggest mistakes that inexperienced writers make?


Why do many readers of Regina Doman’s books find her romances sweeter and more touching than secular romances?



What does Regina Doman want her readers to take away with them after reading her books?


*The Regina Doman recommends her Fairy Tale Novels: “The Shadow of the Bear,” “Black as Night,” “Waking Rose,” and “Alex O’Donnell and the 40 Cyber Thieves” for ages 14 and up.

The author’s other books, “Midnight Dancers” and “Rapunzel Let Down,”  she recommends for readers 16+