VOX Video Challenge


Paul Millken and John Milliken

VOX is calling all MODG student filmmakers to participate in an epic film challenge! Film a short (3 minute) observational documentary about any subject you find interesting, and send it in before May 1. VOX will publish selected videos.

Observational documentaries are documentaries where you’ll attempt to simply and spontaneously observe life with a minimum amount of intervention. Here are some links to examples on the VOX site:

A Trip to the Sacred Music Symposium

@ the Dump

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Be sure to get permission to film for publication before filming on private property or incorporating other people into your documentary.
  • Music is optional, but if you use it, be sure not to use copyrighted music without permission. You can record your own music, or download royalty-free music from incompetech.com (click the “(i) MORE” button to the right of “Download” to see the text needed to be included in your credits.)
  • You can use video editing software to edit your video. Windows Movie Maker is a free, user-friendly program that can handle most basic editing needs. There are many other programs available for more advanced editing, such as PowerDirector.

Submitting Your Documentary

  • Put the following credits at the end of your video: Documentary Title, the Filmmaker (you). Then add: Thanks to: MODG, subject/s (if it’s not you), whoever you need to thank for their cooperation, modgnews.com, and credit needed for music used, (if any). End with: (copyright 2018)
  • Once you’ve completed editing and your documentary has been saved as a movie, upload your documentary to Google drive. Select “Share,” click “Get Shareable Link,” and share with [email protected] Be sure to include your name and grade in the message box when sending your documentary submission.
  • Submitted documentaries will be posted at the discretion of the journalism staff.  Have any questions? Just ask VOX in the comment box.