Picture of the Week: January 8

Gwynith Hayden, VOX Reporter

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Gwynith Hayden and Margaret Hayden Photos. Images are of the Thomas Fire in Ojai and its aftermath.

Pictured is Peter Hayden.


This past spring (2017), just after copious rains, I went to take pictures of the mountains in the upper Ojai. I also took photos as I went hiking in the mountains just a few months ago.

After the fires had moved out of the area of immediate danger and the smoke had dispersed enough, I went back and recreated these photos.

Some say it will take at least 100 years for some of the areas to get back to where they were earlier this spring. I wish it were sooner though…  I’m starting to feel like I’m living in Mordor!

I used my camera, a Fujifilm XA-1, with a 50-200mm lens. I chose that lens because it works better with distances, since I obviously wanted to remain safe while photographing.

Gwynith Hayden Photos

Gwynith Hayden Photos

Gwynith Hayden Photos

Gwynith Hayden Photos

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