Anna’s Affirmations Greeting Cards

MODG student and VOX staff member creates greeting cards for family, friends and business

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Anna’s Affirmations Greeting Cards

Anna Hermes, The Writer's Quill Editor

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I’ve always loved being creative and artsy, whether in my writing, my drawing, or in scrapbooking and making greeting cards.

For years I’ve used my family’s stash of craft and scrap-booking supplies to make cards for my family and friends. With as many birthday, thank you, and sympathy cards I and my family sent out, it was cheaper and a lot more fun to create our own cards!

Two years ago I decided to try making the greeting cards to sell. Utilizing my older sister’s Mass Communications major, I started my own greeting card business called Anna’s Affirmations.

I most often use white or brown cardstock, lots of patterned scrapbook paper, numerous stamps that we’ve collected throughout the years, old book pages, and lace.

I also like using unique materials that I find around the house. I’ve created with felt, sheet music, glitter, Band-Aids, wrapping paper, adhesive pearls, Scrabble letters, buttons, ribbon, vellum, paper doilies, and other cut-outs.

My mom owns a Cricut machine, so I sometimes use that to cut out numbers and other elements. I also use lots of hearts of all sizes! I enjoy adding sewing to my cards, inking and distressing the edges of paper, and adding other embellishments.

Created by Anna Hermes

I recently discovered that I love hand lettering and creating wreaths with a sharpie pen. These greeting cards are simple but elegant and easy and quick to make! And, they can be crafted for any occasion!

Most of my business has been transacted through my Facebook page, Anna’s Affirmations and everything is free-will donation. 

I’ve made graduation, Confirmation, thank you, sympathy, and birthday cards for people, as well as other miscellaneous cards.

Business has been minimal, but a few extra dollars here and there has been nice!

I have thought of expanding my business and opening an Etsy shop, but high school has been too busy! I hope to start one someday, and might also sell my cards in a friend’s shop to try to bring in some money for college.

Although sometimes rather time-consuming, I love being creative and creating new cards!

If you or anyone you know would like to order a card you see (or several!), or would like to custom order a card, you can contact me on my Facebook page, or contact me at [email protected].

Photos taken by Kathryn Hermes

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