Wyoming Volleyball Player Goes to State

Brian Hula, VOX Reporter


MODG Senior Allie Renouard

Doug McDermott, an All-American who plays college basketball at Creighton University, has never shied away from talking about the unique benefits and challenges of playing for his own dad, Creighton head coach Greg McDermott.

Allison Renouard can relate.

“I started playing volleyball when I was about… 10, and my dad was the coach… and he really likes to pick on me.  He loves to tease me on the court.”

Allison, who also goes by Allie, has played throughout high school on the Butte Raptors, a homeschool volleyball team in Montana.  The team had actually disbanded for a year or two before Allie’s freshman year, but with her dad volunteering to coach, things quickly came together.

The Raptors play other homeschool teams, as well as small Christian schools.  Alllie said that the longest road trip her team has taken was to Kalispell, Montana, “about four hours away.”  Kalispell is the site of the Cougar Classic Tournament and the homeschool state tournament.

As a senior at the state tournament, Allison had the opportunity to play two games on the All-Star team.  This presented a unique challenge: “…for me, I had to entirely learn a new rotation, and they have set spots to play, and there were four setters, so I didn’t end up setting the entire time, and I’m okay at back row, but I didn’t really like it.”

Allie has been playing setter over the past three years, although she played at sub-setter early in her high school career.  She mentioned that her strongest skill is “anticipating where the ball’s gonna go.  I can kinda tell where the girls on the other team are gonna hit it, so I’m already ready for that.”  On the other hand, Allie admitted that her serving needs work.  “I still don’t overhand serve, because it kinda bugs my back.”

As a senior, Allie is tasked with getting her teammates focused before the start of a game.  “Usually we try to get each other kinda hyped up for the game…  the older seniors especially… since I was a senior this year, it was my job to get people hyped up.”

Allison said that she had often gotten tips and advice from older girls when she was an underclassman.  “The ones who had been playing for a long time… normally they would take time out of their practice to go help you.”  Allie said that she tries to do the same now that she’s a senior.

The Raptor’s main rival is nearby Helena Home School.  “They’ve gotten really good, I think they switched coaches… Their whole team is sophomores, so next year they’re going be even better.”


Allie said that overall, the highlight of playing volleyball has been her teammates.  “We have a really, really, great group of girls and they’re really fun to play with.  They make every year really fun.”