Hurricane Harvey: August 25th – September 2nd

Photo Credit:

Katherine Sharafinski, VOX Reporter

Let’s Recap

The mainstream media has moved on from one hurricane to the next, but let’s take a moment to recap so far on what we know about Hurricane Harvey and the people affected, especially our MODG families.

Harvey, which at times traveled at 130 mph, mainly affected two states during its stay in the United States: Texas and Louisiana. For those of us that remained unaffected, 51.88 inches of rain in Cedar Bayou, TX, and around 37 deaths in Texas alone put the massive devastation in perspective.

According to USA Today, the added expenses of Hurricane Katrina (’05) and Hurricane Sandy (’12)  amount to what Harvey might add up to cost, which they deemed to be $190 billion. A more recent article claimed around $180 billion. People and charities all over the world have contributed money, work, shelter, and supplies to all affected.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is encouraging those evacuated to remain in safety for the time being, as traveling back to Houston is not only hard, but potentially still dangerous.

Citizens are warned not to attempt to drive through flooded highways – Turn around, don’t drown!

Keep Texas and Louisiana in your prayers, please. The news will move on but the hardship and chaos that Hurricane Harvey generated will not end soon. St. Medard,  pray for us!

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