Hope Lovold: MODG Horse Rider

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Hope Lovold: MODG Horse Rider

Abigail Lovold, VOX Reporter

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Hope Lovold, an MODG fifth grader, competed in her very first horse show at Long Beach Equestrian Center, which has been her dream for years.

This moment took months of preparation. “I’ve been training, polishing my boots, got my clothes, practiced putting my hair up, and washing my horse and tack,” Hope said before the show.

After all this, Hope arrived at Long Beach Equestrian Center early in the afternoon and viewed the scene in amazement.

Girls with their hair slicked back under riding helmets were cantering their horses over jumps, while older riders hurried about to ready the other horses and help competitors into their saddles.

Though Hope may have been nervous in the beginning, her nerves soon subsided and excitement took their place when her name was called to the arena.

The first class she competed in tested the competitors’ ability to walk, trot, and then canter their horses around the arena. Hope had to listen to the instructions the judges called out into their megaphone, and then perform them along with the four other girls around her.

At the end of each class, the judges would hand out ribbons for first, second, third, fourth, and fifth place.

In the class for walk/trot/canter, Hope earned fourth place, which was very good considering this was her first show! She went on to earn an even higher ribbon, third place, in the next class she competed in where she trotted her horse over poles.

This had been her dream ever since she was little, and now she had finally achieved it. When asked what she most looked forward to in future competitions, she replied, “Competing again and riding my horse!”

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