MODG Senior Awards Announced

End of Year Tradition

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Mother of Divine Grace School has a custom of electing students to “awards”, these awards being published online and in the senior yearbook. The elections are run by the yearbook committee.

The awards for the Class of 2014:
Class Patron: Pope St. John Paul the Great
Class Quote: “The future starts today, not tomorrow” – St. Pope John Paul the Great
Most Likely to Succeed: Val Beberwyck
Most Likely to be President: Katie Ascough
Most Likely to Brighten the Day: Sophia Glaser
Most Likely to Have Ten Kids: Christina Matthews
Most Likely to Win the Lottery: John Paul Lappert
Most Likely to End Up Like Maggie: Hannah Voss
Most Likely to End Up On a Cereal Box: Triana Garrett
Most Likely to Win a NASCAR Race: Ronald McCann III
Dog Food: Joseph Maggio
Cicero: Alex Lemaignen
Loquacious Award: Christopher Khattar
Laconic Award: Elyse Murphy
Class Rebel: Patrick Martin Licciardi
Good Samaritan: Madeleine Snow
Class Sweetheart: Samantha Nunes
Most Respected: Anna Conroy
Most Spirited: Tasha Magnan
Most Laid Back: Charles Dana
Best Personality (Guy): Brian Hula
Best Personality (Girl): Moira O’Reilly
Best Sense of Humor: Matthew Wilson
Prime Minister: Connor Zink
Prom King: Jack Murphy
Prom Queen: Amelia Florian
Most Likely to Marry a Famous Person: Elicia Levandowski
Most Likely to Create All Sorts of Trouble for the Enemy: John David Watson
Most Likely to be a MODG Consultant: Mariah Halbur
Most Powerful Ruler in the World: Rachel Clark
Most Likely to Win a Comment War: Clare McDermott
Most Likely to Abuse the Chat Box: Harrison Backer
Best Person to Have on Your Side in a Rhetorical Argument: Mary Benner
Best Person to Have on Your Side in a Logical Argument: Daniel Zepp

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