The Bison: Future National Mammal?

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The Bison: Future National Mammal?

Julia Fassero, VOX Reporter

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The U. S. Congress bill H.R. 2908, titled the National Bison Legacy Act, received unanimous passage from the Senate and is now headed to the president’s desk.

This bill names the bison (or buffalo) as the national mammal.

There has never before been a national mammal for the United States of America.

The bison is featured on 2 state flags (Wyoming and Kansas), and is prominent in the Department of the Interior’s official seal.  It has been adopted as the state mammal for 3 states: Wyoming, Kansas and Oklahoma.

While bison once roamed the country in herds estimated to be between 30 and 75 million strong, their numbers have significantly dwindled and only now are beginning to increase, with an estimated 500,000 present in the USA today.

On the topic of the bison, Sen. John Hoeven, R-North Dakota, said, “The bison, like the bald eagle, has for many years been a symbol of America for its strength, endurance and dignity, reflecting the pioneer spirit of our country.”

Update:  On May 9, 2016, H.R. 2908 was signed by the president and became law.  The bison is now the official national mammal. 

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