100 Years of Caring: National Park Trip Responses

Julia Fassero, VOX Reporter

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VOX is asking you to tell us about your trips to America’s national parks. This Letter-to-the-Editor is from MODG 10th grader Ryon Whisonant about his family’s trips to many national parks:

Whisonant Family - Avalanche Lake - Glacier NP - postcard style“I have been to many national parks, however, I don’t have one specific story, I have a whole story to tell.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough space here to cover it all on this page.

All I am going to say is that my family and I had the experience of a lifetime while driving cross country to visit and see the beauty of God’s work here in the U.S.A., whether that be national parks, highways, or back roads. I believe it is impossible to tell which place is most beautiful.

I believe it is impossible to tell which place is most beautiful”

— Ryon Whisonant


It all has its own beauty, and as it is all unique and a gift from God.

If anyone would like to read the whole story, please check out our blog at http://kiddingaroundfarm.com/.  God bless.”

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