Instagram in Space from Astronauts

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly took being online to new heights

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Imagine taking a picture while going 17,500 miles an hour, 250 miles above the earth.  There are usually  a total of six astronauts in space on the International Space Station. (Here is a NASA link about the space station crew.) They orbit the earth, collecting information and viewing the world from an entirely different perspective. (Here is a link to NASA and a LIVE STREAM from space of Earth.) They aren’t just there for a couple of days, either. Scott Kelly was part of the ISS crew  in space for almost a year. Despite the, three of the ISS astronauts have used social media to connect with those below: namely, us.

scott kelly


Scott Kelly (@stationcdrkelly) returned home to Earth March 2.  Kelly was in space a total of 340 days. In his Instagram picture, he shows proof of air pollution in Asia. (Here is a link to NASA and a retrospective of Kelly’s social media updates over the last year.)

All of these astronauts do those of us on Earth a big favor by instantly sharing with us their adventures and experiences. Just by looking at their Instagram accounts, a feeling of wonder comes over you, because you realize that this is the world as God created it.  Give yourself a new perspective and check them out on VOX :

British Astronaut Tim Peake

Russian Sergey Volkov

NASA Astronaut Kjell Lindgren

Space Station Posts

And astronauts post back on Earth too!


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