OPINION: Lent Procrastination Aid


Mary Theresa Pitre, VOX Reporter

Well, it’s official, Lent is here, and VOX wants to ask: How are those Lenten intentions going anyway? 

 If all your well formed plans to have an amazing Lenten season have gone out the window because of procrastination, lack of motivation or ideas, never fear!

Here is a list of 40 ideas to help you regroup. VOX wishes all of you a happy and holy Lent. 


  1. Give up apps on your phone.
  2. Give up hitting the snooze button.
  3. Give up snacks.
  4. Give up all drinks except water.
  5. Give up your pillow.
  6. Give up choosing your clothes, pick three outfits and don’t wear anything else until Easter.
  7. Give up having your phone in your pocket, leave it in your room.
  8. Give up making sarcastic remarks.
  9. Give up sugar in your coffee.
  10. Give up second servings.
  11. Give up gossiping.
  12. Give up judging others.
  13. Give up admiring/criticizing your body.
  14. Give up makeup.
  15. Give up selfies.
  16. Give up watching sports on TV.
  17. Give up complaining.
  18. Give up procrastinating.
  19. Give up excuses for not praying.
  20. Give up being grumpy.
  21. Give up saying “I hate.”
  22. Give up saying “I can’t.”
  23. Give up sleeping in.
  24. Give up your bed, sleep on the floor.
  25. Give up Netflix. *gasp*
  26. Give up using your phone/iPod/TV/laptop after supper.
  27. Give up some of your free time to volunteer.
  28. Give up texting people of the other gender just to get attention.
  29. Give up snapchat.
  30. Give up instagram.
  31. Give up Facebook.
  32. Give up Twitter.
  33. Give up #29-#32.
  34. Give up wearing socks in your shoes.
  35. Give up listening to music in the car, pray instead.
  36. Give up some free time to write an actual letter to someone you know would appreciate it.
  37. Give up hot water for your showers.
  38. Give up watching movies or TV shows that don’t glorify God.
  39. Give microwaving your leftovers, eat them cold.
  40. Give up being negative, in fact make an effort to be overly positive. Spread love and joy.