TAC’s Supreme Court Case: What’s It All About?

TAC’s President talked with VOX about the college’s case before the Supreme Court, which challenges the HHS contraceptive mandate


Dr. Michael McLean, President of Thomas Aquinas College, talked with current TAC students and former VOX Editors-in-Chief Kathryn Fox and Daniel Zepp about the college’s upcoming Supreme Court case. The Roman Catholic Archbishop v. Burwell, Sec. of H&H, et al lawsuit will be taking place in front of the Supreme Court in the spring of 2016. It is challenging the government’s Health and Human Service’s contraceptive mandate. There are several co-plaintiffs in this suit, including the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., the Catholic University of America, as well as Thomas Aquinas College. For more information on all seven cases grouped together by the Supreme Court, see the interactive map below.

Click on the interactive graphic below to learn more about TAC and how it is unique in its number of students, what they study, and how they study.
Click on the interactive map below to find out more about all Christian Institutions involved in the TAC case.


Click on the icons in the map below to read more about all the Christian institutions in the TAC Supreme Court case. Also, here is a LINK TO THE SCOTUS BLOG which has background on the seven court cases that have been grouped into the one lawsuit before the Supreme Court.