25 Days of Composing Christmas

Gracie Feltes, VOX News Editor

MODG student and musician Mary Rose Gallipeau completes her unique project, the “Composing Christmas”  YouTube series, with this final video published Christmas Eve.  For each of the 25 days of Christmas, beginning December 1, Mary Rose and other MODG musicians -all living in different locations around the United States and across an ocean- collaborated on Christmas songs in harp, piano, and singing.

Through my journey in Mother of Divine Grace, I’ve gotten to know so many fantastically amazing and incredibly talented people. My motivation behind the project began merely just to share Christmas spirit. Being a musician myself, I knew I wanted to do that through music.” – Mary Rose.

Mary Rose noted that by the end of the series, she will have collaborated with more than 10 MODG musicians.

In this grand finale published on Christmas Eve, students John Ball and Nicholas Cherrey present their personal rendition of “Carol of the Bells,” sung by Emma Halpin and Mary Rose. Matthew Cherrey is the Video Producer.

Here is the DIRECT LINK to Mary Rose’s YouTube channel where you can find all her Christmas recordings.

Artists  collaborating with Mary Rose in Composing Christmas include:

December 25 Composing Christmas:

  • Mary Rose and Emma Halpin (Vocalists)
  • Nicholas Cherrey (Producer)
  • John Ball (Producer)
  • Matthew Cherrey (Visual Effects/ Video Producer)

Other MODG Artists Who Participated in the series:

  • Andrew Ascough, 12th grade
  • Emma Rose Lee, 11th grade
Emma’s Prolife bandcamp music: http://emmarosemusic.bandcamp.com/releases )
  • Allie Johnson, 10th grade