Enjoy the VOX News Site? Join the Team and Become a Reporter!


Mary E. Hammer, VOX Reporter

Everything on VOX is put together by the News Production crew and the adviser, and you can be a part of the behind-the-scenes action too. As a reporter, you have the opportunity to talk to and interview students, teachers, and more who live all over the globe. You can write stories, work with video, work with audio, design graphics, and push the limits of whatever camera you’ve got. If you like to write and you like interacting with people, then consider joining the journalism team.

Learning Support class sign-ups are coming up, so be sure to look for Journalism among the many classes. This class will be at 12:45 P.M. (Pacific) on Wednesdays. Journalism is a one semester course taught by Mrs. Kimberly McCarthy that introduces you to the specifics of what it means to work with news. You will be given a variety of fun practice experiences and assignments during the semester from interviewing someone you’re comfortable with to creating a short list of story ideas. Once you’ve finished the semester, you’ll be well prepared to produce for the news site. Please note that there is no obligation after the Journalism introductory class to continue and become a reporter for the news site during the next semester.

If you are ready to move up in second semester, then you will join the elite team of reporters in the class News Production, also taught by Mrs. Kimberly McCarthy. This class will be at 11:30 A.M. (Pacific) on Tuesdays. This is where you will produce stories, news briefs, contests, and more for VOX. Everything you find on the news site has been produced by the News Production reporters.

Please consider joining! You will be welcomed into a team that is overjoyed to have you there.