Answer Key for Chocolate Quiz


Megan Travers, VOX Reporter

1. Most cocoa comes from South America. (False: Most cocoa comes from West Africa.)

2. Hershey’s is the oldest and largest chocolate company in the U.S. (True)

3. White chocolate contains cocoa butter. (True)

4. The cocoa bean grows on a vine. (False: It grows on trees.)

5. Cadbury is the most popular chocolate in the UK. (True)

6. In 1937, Henri Nestle invented chocolate chips. (False: Chocolate chips were invented by Ruth Graves Wakefield.)

7. White chocolate is the most healthful kind of chocolate. (False: Dark chocolate is the most healthful kind of chocolate.)

8. The first wrapped chocolate bar came from the Hershey Company in 1900. (True)

9. To get the same amount of caffeine as in a cup of coffee, you would have to eat 14 chocolate bars. (True)

10. Chocolate originated in the Polynesian Islands. (False: Chocolate originated in Mesoamerica.)