Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial

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Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial

Megan Travers, VOX Reporter

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Anne Travers, a 7th grade student of Mother of Divine Grace, shares a hobby of hers, bracelet-making, in a video tutorial. Using small rubber bands, a Rainbow Loom and a hook, she’s found a simple way to bring joy to others.

“I like making bracelets because I can give them away to people,” Anne says. “I’ve given them to my friends, special-needs people, doctors and nurses when my grandparents were in the hospital, the elderly people where I volunteer, and even random people who see the bracelets and like them.”

Bracelet Making from VOX News on Vimeo.

Anne has been making bracelets for about a year and a half, learning from videos online. Along with teaching several friends, she also was asked to give instruction at a local Rainbow Loom workshop event.
On the subject of teaching bracelet-making, Anne comments, “I like to see how excited people are when they make a bracelet. Before I teach them, they feel like they won’t be able to do it. I hope it makes them feel happy and excited when they are able to make one. And I hope they teach other people.”

Anne said, “I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Make something beautiful!”

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