10 Questions with Sister Soccer Players

VOX reporter Kaitlyn Krikorian asks 10 questions of MODG students Bethan and Cassidy Suchoski, who live in St. Maries, Idaho, and play on the same soccer team.  

Kaitlyn Krikorian, VOX Reporter


MODG 8th grader Bethan Suchoski answers 10 questions for VOX about playing soccer and being on the same team as her sixth-grade sister, Cassidy.

1. How long have you been playing soccer? Have you always played on the same team?

This season was the first time Cassidy and I have played on the same team, but we have both played 3 previous seasons.

2. What first got you interested in soccer? What makes this your favorite sport?

Our older brother, Jesse, first got us interested in soccer because he played it for 11 years. Soccer is the only sport Cassidy and I have played, so it is our favorite. I’m thinking about trying track this spring though.

3. What position do each of you play and what draws you to that position? What are some particular pros and cons of that position?

We both usually play defenders. What we like about this position is that we can stop the other team from scoring. A con to this position is that we never get to score ourselves.

4. What league/school do you play for? Is it very competitive or more for fun?

We play U14 soccer, and most of the kids on the team are from the public middle school. It is a middle school team so it is more for fun, but people still pay attention to the game’s score.

5. Have either of you ever suffered an injury from playing soccer? If so, how did you fight through it?

Neither of us have suffered any major injuries. We get kicked, hit by the ball, or run into all the time, but nothing major.

6. What is your favorite drill at practice? What is your least favorite?

Our favorite drill would be scrimmaging. I don’t have a least favorite, but Cassidy’s is running.

7. What are some particular skills you would like to improve on in future seasons?

I would like to improve my footwork and try a different position, preferably midfielder. Cassidy wants to improve on kicking the ball, and getting it to go further.

8. What has been the biggest game you have ever played in? Were there any extra nerves that you had to overcome before that game?

We are on a middle school team so we don’t have certain games, like districts, that are more important than others.

9. Do you have a favorite soccer team? Are there any particular players on that team which you look up to?

We really like the Seattle Sounders because they are one of the closest professional teams to us, and because our brother likes to watch their games. There are no particular players I look up to on the team because I think they are all talented. We do look up to the high school players that help coach us though.

10. What do you hope for the future of your soccer career?

I hope to join the high-school girl’s team next year. It would also be really awesome if we could go to state. Cassidy hopes to continue having fun and playing in the U14 league.