Things I Learned As An International Student

Flag of Ireland

Flag of Ireland

Mianna O'Dwyer, Reporter

Hello everyone!

As you may know by now, I am from Ireland and as I journeyed through the American system I picked up on a couple of differences! These were just some funny culture barriers that I encountered along the way. However, if you experienced any more as an international student, please leave a comment ? Likewise, I would love to hear from an American perspective also. Enjoy!

  • ‘.’ – this punctuation mark is known as a ‘period’ not a ‘full stop’.
  • A quarter = 25 cents
  • A nickel = 5 cents
  • A dime = 10 cents
  • There are other time zones, and your day is basically reversed with these if you’re in GMT+1.
  • A ‘cookie’ in America is a ‘biscuit’ here in Ireland! However, a biscuit in America is basically a bready scone.
  • Jam= preserves
  • Jelly = jam without the seeds
  • Crisps are chips in America. Chips are fries in America.
  • There is no such thing as Irish time. If it says it starts at 4 then it starts at 4.
  • American calculators (Texas Instruments) are basically mini phones and I highly recommend trying it out at LEAST once. (Guys, there’s like a mini word section in it and everything. You can also GRAPH !!)