MODG Hot Seat!



Introducing MODG Hot-Seat!

I’m excited to announce the newest feature on MODG news: MODG Hot-Seat! In a sentence, MODG Hot-Seat is an entertaining way to get a peek into the lives, opinions, and rarely known facts of your fellow MODG Students!

How it works.

MODG Hot-Seat is a two minute interview full of absurdly random (or not so random…) questions which our guests must answer as truthfully and quickly as possible. Pretty simple, am I right?

What’s in a name?

The name, MODG Hot-Seat, hints to the fast-paced and brutally honest environment this game creates. But not to scare away any potential guests, because it’s also quite fun!

How can you be a part of MODG Hot Seat?

The most direct way you can participate in this new feature is by being a guest! If you have any interest in appearing on MODG Hot-Seat please reach out to me! Secondly, if you have any absurdly random questions you would like to be used for MODG Hot-Seat please let me know! For both, please contact me at [email protected]!