Funniest Pet Contest

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Funniest Pet Contest

Tasha Magnan, VOX Reporter

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Welcome to the Mother of Divine Grace Funniest Pet Competition! In this race, you, the MODG students, may set your pets against one another in an epic challenge to see who may have this month’s “MODG Funniest Pet”!

The stakes are high, and the honor will be undying!

To participate in this event, please send a the funniest photo of your pet that you can find to [email protected], including your name, grade and the name of your pet.

faithy contest

The deadline for submissions closes on November 10th, and this month’s “MODG Funniest Pet” will be announced on November 17th.

We look forward to reviewing your entries, and to announcing a winner! May the funniest pet win!


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