New Writer’s Quill Story Prompt!

Hello everyone! These story prompts are a great chance for creative writers to have some fun and maybe even get their stories put on the MODG news site! This story prompt will be a bit different from past ones. Instead of giving you a few sentences, I am giving you a season that it will take place in. So now, without further ado, a new story prompt!

The story prompt for this contest will be “winter”. What does this mean? It means that your story must take place in (or at least have to do with) winter. It can be winter in any place though (i.e. winter in Florida would obviously be different from winter in Switzerland) it just has to take place in the winter months.

The deadline for the contest is midnight on March 31th, so be sure to send in your story before then! You can send in your story through the “Submit Your Idea” button on the site (please include your name, grade, and a title for the story). Please make sure to review the rules here. I’m so excited to see what y’all come up with!

God bless and happy writing!