Writer’s Quill Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted a story for this prompt! You all had amazing stories and I had so much fun reading them! Each person had to use this sentence in their story “It was a cool, crisp October morning and he/she had gone out for his/her usual morning walk. The trees were colorful and it was like a painting outside. As they were walking along, they noticed…”

Congratulations to Kathryn and enjoy this amazing story below!

Finding Joy
By Kathryn Decker
8th Grade

It was a cool, crisp October morning, and Elizabeth had gone out for her usual morning walk. The trees were colorful and it was like a painting outside. As she was walking along she noticed her brother running up the path.
“What’s wrong?” asked Elizabeth, alarmed.
“Something happened, come quick,” replied her brother, barely stopping before grabbing Elizabeth’s arm and pulling her towards the house.
“Mother, what happened?” asked Elizabeth, when she saw her mother sitting in a chair by the fire.
“It’s your father,” replied Elizabeth’s mother, in a soft voice. “He has been killed in the war.”
Elizabeth woke with a start to the sound of her alarm clock blaring. It had been several years since her father died and the war was over. She moved to London to attend college. Each morning she woke up early so she could attend mass, and then headed to school.
Elizabeth was eating a quick breakfast of fruit when the doorbell rang. “Hello,” said Elizabeth, opening the door. On the doorstep there was a young girl around the age of ten. “How can I help you?”
“I’m homeless,” said the girl, “I was wondering if you could spare some bread.”
“Of course! Why don’t you come in and have some bread with butter,” replied Elizabeth.
“Thank you,” said the girl sweetly.
“What’s your name?” asked Elizabeth, while eating their breakfast.
“Claire,” replied the girl.
Elizabeth asked Claire if she would like to come to mass with her.
“Okay,” replied Claire, timidly.
On the way to mass Elizabeth talked to Claire about the sacraments.
“Where is Jesus now?” asked Claire as they were leaving the church.
“Jesus is in Heaven now,” replied Elizabeth. “He is waiting for us to join Him there.”
Claire asked Elizabeth how to get to Heaven.
“If we do His work on Earth, then when we die we will go to Heaven.” Elizabeth explained. “Claire, how would you like to stay with me for a while? I have to go to school tomorrow, but you could stay in my house.” said Elizabeth.
“Oh, yes please!” answered Claire. “I would love to stay with you!”
“Then it’s settled,” said Elizabeth. “You can stay with me.”
A week later, Elizabeth had a question for Claire. “Claire, how would you like to live here?” Elizabeth asked.
“Aren’t I already?” answered Claire.
“Well, technically, yes. But I mean how would you like to live with me officially? I could be your guardian and you could stay with me until you grow up,” said Elizabeth.
“Oh, I would love that!” exclaimed Claire.
“And that’s not all,” continued Elizabeth. “How would you like to go to school?”
“School?” echoed Claire. “You mean like with other children?”
“Yes. You would go to school with some other children your age.” answered Elizabeth. “Would you want to go?”
“Yes, yes, I would! Oh Elizabeth, you have been so kind to me! How could I ever repay you?” said Claire.
“You don’t have to do anything,” said Elizabeth. “You have made me very happy. You have brought joy to my life. That is more than anything I could ever want.”