Life Skills: Swing Dancing


Swing dancing: A style of highly acrobatic dance performed to swing music.

When thinking of dancing, some people immediately think of songs like Cha Cha Slide or Macarena. Others think of ballroom dancing or barn dancing. Another type of dancing that has many versions is called swing dancing.

Swing dancing is a faster paced dance that can be done with most music, but works best with swing music. There are many types of swing with different basic steps, but the moves are versatile and change depending on the dancers. Some of the more popular types of swing dancing are West Coast, East Coast, Hustle, Country, and Lindy Hop. Some of these may seem a little harder to learn, but being able to see some of these moves helps when learning. If you’re interested in learning some of these moves, check out the instructional video above!

If you’ve done swing dancing before, comment and tell us what your favorite move is!