Winter Photography Competition!


Anna Schlater

Winter Photography Competition Cover


For some that word brings memories of falling snow and cozy fires. For others, it’s a time much like summer, filled with warm sunshine and fresh breeze. And yet for many others, it’s anywhere in between! (Take it from a gal who lives in Ohio, winter can mean many different things…)

Whatever the weather looks like, whip out those cameras, because it’s time for the winter photography competition!

Prompt: Capture the winter that you know and love!

Winter Photography Competition Cover (Anna Schlater)

How it works: Every contestant may submit one or two photos. Upload your pictures to the “Submit Your Idea” page on the news site. Make sure to include your name, grade, and what device you took the photo on. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The judges will have decided the winning photos 5-10 days after the deadline.

Rules: Slight editing of color and light and cropping the image are all allowed, but please no drastic editing. This challenge is designed for those to show their photography talent and branch out into areas of photography that they wouldn’t normally explore.


Can’t wait to see your winter!