MODG Crafting Contest

Get out your needles, paper, and cardboard to participate in MODG’s latest contest! This crafting contest is a fun way to improve your skill and engage in some friendly competition. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

Paper Crafts

General Rules:
Don’t plagiarize. What you enter must be your own.
The judges’ decisions are final.
You may submit a maximum of two entries per category. You cannot submit the same item to two categories.
Late submissions will not be accepted.

Hand-sewing, machine sewing, cross-stitch and embroidery are all acceptable. Knitting and crocheting don’t qualify.

Paper Crafts:
This includes cardmaking, paper garlands, origami, and collage. Note that this is not a drawing or painting competition, but a paper crafting competition. You may use drawing materials, but the entries will be judged on the quality of the paper crafting, not on the quality of the drawing.

General Construction:
This category is for building things from relatively basic material. Constructions from outdoor materials (sticks, stones, etc.), pasta towers, woodwork, and clay all qualify. Lego doesn’t qualify. This category will be judged mainly on the quality of the construction, and the material used will be taken into consideration (for example, if there are two equally good constructions, and one is from basic materials while the other is not, the one made from basic materials will win).

Deadline: May 9

If you have any questions, send them to us via the “Submit your Idea” bar on the website. Be sure to mention that your question is about the MODG Crafting Contest.

To submit entries, take a photo of them, and send the photo to us via the “Submit your Idea” bar, along with your name, the grade you are enrolled in for the 2021-2022 school year, and a title for your entry. Please specify which category the entry is for (sewing, paper crafts, or general construction). A brief description of your entry would be very helpful.

The judges will announce the winner shortly after the contest deadline.

Have fun!

Note: By entering the contest, the entrant grants Mother of Divine Grace School permission to publish the submitted photo of the entry.