Growing Up on an Organic Farm

Rita Interview from VOX News on Vimeo.

Cows, chickens, dogs, horses and lots of healthy produce are all part of everyday life for Rita Kremer, a MODG sophomore. She  lives on a 140-acre organic farm in Yorkshire, Ohio. She is the third-oldest of eight children, who are all enrolled with MODG. Rita’s parents decided to start an organic farm because of her father’s health issues. The Kremers say they  grow food the way God intended it, all natural. No GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), no chemicals and, no pesticides can be found on the Kremer farm, called E.A.T. for Life Family Farm. Rita and her family all work together on their farm raising animals, growing fruits and vegetables, and other organic products.

“We have 75 cows, 25 of them are mama cows so they will be birthing in the spring!”

“We have on average of about 500 laying chickens and 1,000 meat chickens.  All the chickens are outside on pasture. A young healthy chicken will lay an egg everyday or every other day. We sell about 80 dozens a week. On the farm we grow clover, spelt, rye, barley, Sudan grass. The spelt is used to make all our breads. My family also has a 20 by 70 foot green house in which we grow pepper, cabbage, tomatoes, berries, green bean, sweet peas, Lettuce and many other veggies.” -Rita

They have four stores located throughout the state of Ohio. Rita and her siblings work on the farm and in the stores. In this interview with Rita, you can learn about  what it’s like to live on a farm, and  how it has effected her life in a beautiful and positive way.  To find out more about organics and the store locations, visit the family’s website at