Mental Health First, News Second


Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.

It’s no secret that today’s headlines are destroying people’s mental health around the world. I have had my own challenges with the daily influx of breaking news. Sometimes, the reported stories don’t seem real; they seem like something that would come from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When these stories appear, I begin to ask questions. Why is the country so divided? Why does it seem like no one can agree on anything? Why do people judge others based on their political views?

Life is filled with an unbelievable amount of “Why’s.” These open-ended questions make society feel anxious, guarded, and fearful of the future. All of the questions we want answered are provoked by the media, causing the public to feel emotionally attached to the news. The media manipulates their consumers to believe they are the only source of answers.

With that being said, it is important to set limits and watch something light-hearted to get your mind off of the unprecedented events happening in the world today. It may be part of a specific routine one may have to engage in media 24/7, but it’s essential to break that routine and live presently in the moment with your family and friends. It’s ok to watch the news sometimes, but it is a must to set media engagement limits. Take a break from being on a device! Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Strive to establish new habits, take a break from social media, and most importantly, take a break from the news. Don’t let the headlines control your life and your feelings.