An Inside Look Into Some Natural Science Projects!

Would you like to find out more about the unique, first-hand science projects that many MODG students do in 10th grade? If so, this article is for you.

Unlike most science projects, there is no set method that every student has to follow. Students taking Natural History get to come up with their own ideas, and pick a project that suits them. Of course, they have to talk to their parents before finalizing the project plan.

For my Natural Science project, I chose a simple one which involved my sister’s guinea pigs. I played the same music to the guinea pigs every day while feeding them a carrot. Then, I played the music to them, and only gave them the carrot afterwards. As planned, they ran around their cage looking for the carrot while I played the music. I still have to figure out if it is definitely the music or if they might be running around because they hear me coming.

Here’s what a student named Maya said about her project:
I am taking the Natural Science course, and I am in 9th grade! I am 8 weeks into my project and I’m only using my dog for the project. My Natural Science project is testing whether a dog’s loyalties can be changed based upon who is the primary caregiver. Since the project is 12 weeks, my plan was to have my father (who normally cares for him) continue taking care of my dog for the first week. This would be so I could observe my dog’s usual behavior, food intake, water intake, etc. The next 5 1/2 weeks would be my sister completely caring for him, and during that time I would see if he showed any loyalty to her. The last 5 1/2 weeks would be me taking care of him. After that, I would compare the actions of loyalty shown during my sister’s time taking care of my dog against the actions shown during the time period that I was taking care of him.

If you are doing or have done the Natural Science Project, please tell us about it in the comment section below!