Saint Spotlight: St. Thomas Aquinas

When you hear the name St. Thomas Aquinas, flying pigs, illegible handwriting, and extra teeth are probably not the first things that come to mind. St. Thomas, an incredible theologian and scholar, is one of the best-known saints in the Catholic Church. But here are a few things you may not have known about this remarkable Dominican friar.

He allegedly had terrible handwriting.

You might be thinking, “What? That can’t be! He wrote so much!” Apparently, his handwriting was barely legible, so he commissioned several secretaries to write while he dictated. If you’re trying to decipher illegible notes that you scribbled down in class while doing twelve other things, remember St. Thomas Aquinas. Pray, and maybe recruit a scribe (or a sibling?) to help you out!

He was known for his child-like innocence.

“Oh! Thomas, look! There are flying pigs outside!” two friars declared, pointing frantically to the window. Thomas, falling for their practical joke, bounded to the window to see this incredible anomaly of nature. Alas, the feathered pigs were nowhere to be found, and Thomas turned to see his brothers succumb to fits of laughter. “I would rather believe that pigs can fly,” Thomas declared, “than believe that my brethren could lie.”
Yeah. Mic drop.

St. Thomas’ child-like innocence was a gift from heaven. Two angels of purity once appeared to St. Thomas and secured a holy girdle around his waist. From that moment forward, St. Thomas never experienced any temptation against purity. This magnificent purity of mind and body was one of the blessings that contributed to St. Thomas’ massive intellect.

St. Thomas carried a tooth with him at all times.

No, this wasn’t a shark tooth necklace that you can buy for $5.00 at an aquarium gift store. While teaching at the University of Paris, St. Thomas Aquinas woke one day to find that he had grown an extra tooth! The tooth was positioned in such a way that it prevented him from speaking normally. After devoting himself to fervent prayer, St. Thomas’ unwanted tooth painlessly fell from his mouth. The saint carried the tooth with him from that day forward to remind himself of this unusual blessing.

St. Thomas Aquinas, Pray for us!