Meet Your Teacher: Mary-Mark Haggard

Read our interview with Mrs. Haggard!

How long have you been with MODG? Since the beginning, 26 years.

What was your first job with MODG? Consultant

What did you expect to be when you grew up? A mother and an entertainer.

In hindsight, what would you say prepared you the most for your current job?
Training in high school on economics and reading about the Reformation after I got my degree in Economics from UCLA. And after homeschooling my own six children for 30 years.

How did you handle being a homeschool mom and teaching LS classes? Luckily by the time I started teaching, I only had one high schooler left and I did not teach that many classes. My son did most of his work on his own.

Do you have a favorite course? Both of my classes, Advanced American Government & Economics and Medieval History are my favorites. They are all I teach.

What do you think is the most challenging thing about being a teacher? Keeping up with students’ questions and emails.

What would you consider the highlight of your job? I love being in the class sessions with the students. I like to explain things to them and hear them explain things.

How do you compare MODG to other systems of schooling? I think the model of students doing their own independent reading and writing and then coming into a class discussion is great. It is a good model for learning.

What do you expect from your students? To do their reading. Pay attention in class and contribute as much as they can. I love teaching for MODG. It is the greatest.