Free Book Recordings for MODG Students!


Have you ever wished for the convenience of having audio recordings of MODG books, but didn’t know where you could find them? Then look no further! The MODG chapter of the National Honor Society makes audio recordings of books in the MODG syllabus, for the express purpose of having them be used by MODG students.

All the book recordings that are available are here on the MODG Family Center website. (To find them on the website, first go to the “Enrollment Booklet” bar on the left side of the main page. Once you’re on the Enrollment Booklet, scroll down to the “Planning Your School Year” section. There are several buttons to click on at the bottom of this section, and the last one is titled “Book Recordings.” If you click this, you’ll go to the links of all the current book recordings.)

If a book you wanted isn’t on the list of recorded books, be sure to keep checking for it! More books are recorded every school year, so the book you want could be available in the future.

Happy studying!