Student Boxer: Robert Perdomo

“Walking into the boxing gym”

How long have you been boxing?

I started boxing around two months before the corona virus so I only had a little while to do it. I then started around three months ago and have been taking it more seriously.

How did you become interested in boxing?

I grew up playing basketball and football but it didn’t really interest me, so I started jiu jitsu. Which is a martial art that mostly involves ground techniques and grappling. I did that for four years and I then switched to boxing. I felt I needed to work on multiple fighting techniques and see which I’m best at. When I first started boxing I started to become intrigued on how interesting it was and how it’s more than just throwing punches. I started to figure out that boxing was more like a chess game. You have to see what the person does and how they react to what you do, in order for you to make the next move and advance from it.

What kind of boxing do you do?

Well there are only two forms of boxing. There is traditional boxing which is when you only get to throw punches and there is kickboxing which is when you can use both kicks and punches. Since I’m not good with kicks I did traditional boxing.

What is the hardest part about boxing?

There are many difficulties I face while boxing. But the hardest would have to be getting in the ring with another person who trains just as hard as you, and trying to figure him out before you and not get tired.

What are your favorite punches/moves?

My favorite punch would have to be the left hook. I feel the left hook can be the most powerful and effective punch when thrown correctly.

Have you ever used what you have learned from boxing outside of your time for boxing?

I have never god willing had to use my boxing outside of the boxing gym. But If I had to ever defend myself, or someone else, I would know how to, and I think it is very important to be able to defend yourself in any situation.

What would you tell someone who is interested in boxing?

I would tell them that it’s extremely hard, but once you get past the breaking point there’s unlimited possibilities. I’d also say that it keeps you extremely healthy and fit and it helps with self defense.

Is there anything else you would like to share about boxing?

Boxing has opened up my eyes on how I see things, it has taught me more than just how to throw a punch. It has taught me to be courageous and independent and strong and respectful. I believe it has truly helped me.