Stay-At-Home Trick or Treating Ideas


Gwynith Hayden

Spend your stay-at home Halloween doing some of your favorite fall activities: pumpkin carving, baking, or DIY decor.

Many Americans cannot attend their regular All-Saints day or Halloween celebrations due to COVID-19 regulations.

In a year where nothing seems normal, my family and I are trying to keep some of the festivity in our Halloween celebration.

The saints are so important, and I think if there was ever a time to celebrate and honor them, it’s 2020.

Here are my four COVID-safe Halloween recommendations for you and your family this year!

Stay-at-Home Trick or Treating
This idea is perfect for the little kids who don’t want to miss out on candy! Have your little siblings dress up and go trick-or-treating from room to room. Mom, dad, and older siblings can hand out the candy. Bonus points if the adults dress up and get into character too!

Halloween Contests
Pick from a variety of contests. Everyone gets candy for participating, but there’s a bonus prize if you win!

Our favorite contests are charades (Saint-edition), pin the tail on the donkey, and a candy corn toss. These ideas are little-kid friendly!

If you have a slightly older group, try a sour candy challenge. Pair people up and watch them try to keep a straight face while trying the sourest candies you can find. The winners of round one face off against each other in round two, and so on until you find the sour candy champion. Mom and dad can be the judges. Whoever flinches the least wins!

The Treasure Hunt

This game wins the prize for most-beloved by the Hayden children.

Have an adult or older sibling write clues and hide them around the house. Make sure it’s not too easy!  You are now a detective, and must follow the clues to find the treasure chest, which, of course, will be filled to bursting with chocolate coins.

This game is fantastic as it allows everyone to be involved. If you want to try this with an older group, try creating a storyline in the classic Clue murder-mystery style. I guarantee it will be a hit with everyone!
A Casual & Cozy Celebration

If your family wants a more lowkey schedule on Halloween, or the kids are too old for classic games, here’s my recommendation.

Start your day off with mass, in honor of the saints. Or, if that’s not an option, find a special devotional prayer to a saint of your choosing and pray it together with the family.

Turn on a classic movie of your choice or a saint film. My siblings love any film from the series, Catholic Heroes of the Faith. I can also guarantee we will be watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Grab some apple cider or cocoa, and have some simple crafts on hand while you watch. Coloring pages, decorating cookies, making paper chains, or crafting your own autumn decor, if you feel ambitious.

This sounds like the perfect night at home to me!